Essential knowledge and ancient Chinese wisdom

The 7 Fundamental Pillars of TCM - Ancient lifestyle wisdom

Nutrition in Chinese Medicine - what is food?

Nutrition in Chinese Medicine - Different cooking methods?

Nutrition in Chinese Medicine - general important advice?

Pulse and Tongue diagnosis - The mystery revealed

Wu Xing ... or the notions of 5 movements - TCM vision of homeostasis

Still to come:

  • The TCM vision of treatment and explanation of it's concept

  • Ancient TCM wisdom to preserve health

  • TCM vision and description of diseases

  • What is Qi, Blood, and liquids (Qi, Xue, Jin Ye)

  • The theory of Yin Yang

  • The Zang Fu or internal medicine of Chinese medicine

  • How can Gong Fu, Qi Gong and Tai Ji Quan help to maintain a healthy body

  • What are Jing Luo or meridians and why do we use them

  • What are Shen, Jing, Hun, Po, Zhi, Yi and why are they so important

  • and so much more to come in the future ....

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