Dear Sir / Madam,

Currently, we can only make arrangements in the practice with clients that we know, with considerable certainty, that they are healthy and that they do not fall under the risk groups as defined by RIVM.

This means that we are not allowed to receive you in the practice, if you have any of the following situations:

. You have symptoms (even mild) of a cold, sneezing, cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing and / or fever (≥38⁰C).

. You have had in the past 24 hours, complaints related to Covid-19 symptoms.

. You have housemates, roommates, or family members with a fever, cough, and / or shortness of breath.

. You have housemates, roommates, or family members who have had Covid-19 in the past 14 days.

In these cases, you cannot come to the practice, but video consultation and herbal supplement are still possible. Please shift your appointment if any doubt.

In order to respect the protocol and guidelines of the RIVM and professional associations, only online booking for the appointments in the practice is currently possible. This is to assure that the safety protocol is read, acknowledged, respected, and accepted by every person coming into the practice. 

For video consultation, appointments by email, WhatsApp or phone call is accepted.


It is important that COVID-19 has no chance to spread in or from our practice. By working safely and responsibly, we can remain open and treatments can continue to take place. Together, healthy and strong!

Additional precautionary measures in our practice:

What do we ask from you?

• To agree to wear a mask for the whole treatment (either bring one, either buy one at the practice).

• Due to the new legal Corona measures, all clients must answer a questionnaire before each visit (online booking).

• Do not arrive too early, preferably just before the appointment time;

• Come alone, we like to keep the number of people in practice limited;

• Keep 1.5 meters apart;

• Try to touch as few door handles, table surfaces and chairs as possible with your hands;

• Wash and dry hands before starting treatment with soap and water, dry hands with a tissue and throw it away in a foot-operated, lockable waste bin. Or use the alcohol-based hand cleaner;

• Bring your own towel(s) for the treatment bench and/or cover. This one towel(s) are taken home after treatment;

• Only use in urgent cases the toilet in the practice;

• Payment is preferably made via a debit card payment (contactless).

What do you expect from us?

• That the therapist has no symptoms;

• We do not shake hands upon entry;

• We wear the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), in accordance with the RIVM guideline;

• After every client, we clean and disinfect all contaminated surfaces and areas where you have been;

• All door handles are regularly cleaned with alcohol;
• The ATM is disinfected with alcohol after each contact pin transaction;

• We ventilate the treatment room;

• We plan more time between the appointments to enable the above precautions to be done:

• If we need to close the practice because of new Corona measures, this will be stated on our website and our clients will be informed.

Special Coronavirus Terms and Conditions:

Clients can cancel the appointment free of charge at any time if:

• You have a cold or other complaints that may indicate infection;

• If corona infection has been diagnosed in you or your family: The quarantined of 14 days must be done. Only after complaints have been gone for at least 3 days, a new appointment can be scheduled. The therapist informs the client that this is mandatory and records this in the file. We hope you understand that as a result of this situation, your appointment may take place later that you had hoped.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your cooperation!

We look forward for helping you again.

With best regards,

Cedric Mallants

Overview of possibilities


On the basis of the current RIVM guideline, a distinction can be made between different groups of patients:

Group A:

Persons without COVID-19 complaints and who do not meet the characteristics

Appointment and treatment in practice allowed

Group B:

Persons without symptoms appropriate for COVID-19, but with an increased risk of developing a severe course of COVID-19

Appointment in practice if care cannot be postponed

Group C:

Persons with symptoms appropriate to COVID-19, or family members with symptoms appropriate in COVID-19, or individuals with an increased risk of infection

Appointment and treatment via video consultation only

Group D:

Persons with proven COVID-19, or family members with proven COVID-19, or persons in home isolation, or individuals <2 weeks cured from COVID-19

Appointment and treatment via video consultation only

Disclaimer: Please realize that we do our best to provide a safe environment, but cannot 100% prevent from Corona infections, even when taking the above measures into account.