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Despite being the most natural biological behavior, sexuality is still taboo for a lot of people. Regarding the importance that sexuality holds in each person's life, instead of being ignored, we should actually increase sexual education and definitely grow our understanding about our sexual desires and sensations.

Researches have brought up that having a well balanced sexual life will help to improve our self-confidence, regulate the hormonal levels, release internal stress, help maintain high immune functions, improve the libido, improve women’s bladder control, lowers the blood pressure, lowers heart attack risk, improve sleep and in a general way, make us happier.

For the women, this Pillar also includes the study and understanding of the menstrual cycles. For a woman to be healthy, physically and mentally, it is very important that the menstrual cycles are well regulated. Women’s should deeply understand how to take good care of themselves and what is good from what is bad about menstrual habits. Understanding why the use of tampons might be an issue, how to actually have a proper hygiene and food habit before, while, and after each phase of the menstrual cycle is essential for example.

For the man, understanding why they have (or not) sexual impulses and how to control them in order to increase the sexual confidence is also important. In TCM, we strongly suggest to maintain an adapted sexual life by learning how to use retention in order to avoid ejaculation at each intercourse. Understanding what semen retention is about and why a man should practice it, is part of the study included in this Pillar. Knowing the problem of excessive ejaculation or excessive retention, is an important aspect of men’s health within TCM.

For both genders, it is essential to learn how to express one’s desires, fix boundaries to avoid extremes or trauma, work on our self-acceptance and personal sexual expression, fight against taboo and grow our understanding about sexuality through workshops, reading of classical books (Kamasutra, Secrets of the Jade Chamber, Essentials of the Golden Elixir Method for Women, The Songs of Great Satisfaction, etc.), following sexual education courses, etc.

Finally, this Pillar will also include all studies related to pregnancy: how to prepare for pregnancy, what habits are good or bad before, while or after pregnancy. What should be or not be done. Why breastfeeding is so important and how to provide it properly. Both men and women should undergo a deep study of this very particular moment of life.

Sexuality is related to the deepest level of our internal energy, and the study of how to balance it, will help you "Discover Your True Self".

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