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When we are asleep, and the body inactive, the process of regeneration and detoxification can start. The blood will enter the Liver to be cleaned, the old red blood cells sent to the Spleen, the muscles, organs and cells will be repaired, the immune system will be reinforced, etc.

While we are resting, the body can regenerate, detoxify, produce and store energy and blood. Also, it gives us the opportunity to release the tensions and start fresh to face the daily challenges. A proper recovery is, therefore, an essential aspect of health. On the contrary, if the amount of rest and sleep is insufficient, we will accumulate tiredness, the immune system will weaken, the quality of our cells will decrease, internal tension will rise, and toxins accumulate. This will highly influence our physical and mental health.

TCM suggests adopting the following habits:

  • Maintain a routine for sleeping hours, and avoid changing the schedule too often

  • Sleep around 8 hours per night

  • Best time to go to bed is between 22:00 and 23:00

  • Go to bed early, wake up early

  • Do not use telephone or device before going to sleep

  • While working, take several breaks to cool down

  • Do a quick nap at lunch if tired or very demanding job

  • Listen to the body and do not force when energy level is low

  • Stop all activities when sick or ill. Take time to recover properly

  • Allow the brain and mind to rest (avoid rumination, constant thinking, etc.)

  • Allow some moment of silence within the day and breathe consciously

  • Cultivate some moment of creation (music, art, self-expression) to get rid of the internal tension

  • Practice meditation as often as possible

  • Avoid as much as possible to work at night time

  • Go for a massage from time to time

  • Take a warm bath when too much tension

  • Listen to calm music as much as possible

  • Go for a walk in the nature or park

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