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The Spirit, or Shen (神) in TCM, is the reflect of our mind, thinking, consciousness, memory, emotions and spirituality. It is linked to the fundamental theory of the Wu Xing (五行). By understanding the Mental or Spiritual aspect of the Wu Xing (五行), we can learn how to regulate the emotions that life brings to all of us. Life is hard, and will bring us heavy challenges that will definitely impact our Spirit (once again, the impact will be on our: mind, thinking, consciousness, memory, emotions and spirituality).


We all need to learn how to properly assimilate, transform and cultivate these lessons.

In order to be healthy and to let the liquids (血, 津液) and energy (精, 氣) flow within the body, it is essential to avoid internal stagnation and accumulation. By cultivating the “inner peace”, by learning when to let go, from when to control our Shen, one can live a peaceful life. It is important to understand that we are living in a stressful society. It is impossible to run away from stress, emotional or mental impact. But we can learn how to better deal with them. Learning how to control your Shen will help to obtain internal harmony. Happiness will follow.

Here are some recommendations from famous TCM Masters:

  • Slowly create changes of your habits and lifestyle (step by step)

  • Follow the advices given to you by your healthcare provider

  • Adopt a philosophy that focuses on the positive side of everything

  • Strive to be responsible of your choices and actions

  • Develop an altruistic way of life

  • Engage in social activities and connect with others

  • Bring challenges into your life that will nourish your mental strength

  • If you face a conflict, no matter who is right or wrong, if it's fair or unfair, good or bad, if you lose or win, try to find the fastest way possible to solve the problem from your point of view and turn the page to move on with life

  • No need to ruminate the past, move forward

  • Problems consume the vital energy, move forward

  • Live fully your life and be happy with what you have

  • If you make a mistake, correct it and move on

  • Accept yourself as you are, love yourself and respect yourself

  • Learn how to say yes and no

  • Listen to your internal feelings and appreciate them

  • Be in peace with yourself, even more when you are alone

  • To love your “entourage” is an absolute necessity if you want to be able to live in society and that will contribute to maintain health

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