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By studying the anatomy and physiology of the human body, we will quickly understand that everything is about movement. The body and the cells are meant to move, and this movement will create a proper flow and circulation of all internal liquids.

Because of the industrial and technological development, the majority of us are spending too much time sitting in front of a computer, behind a desk, or in transportation. This lack of movement will create stagnation and accumulation in the body. Tension will appear and the natural flow will be compromised. When the flow is compromised, the nourishment of the body will decrease and that will allow diseases to appear. The best example is the person’s suffering from the upper-back, neck and shoulders because of long hours of exposure to computer work. The blood is stagnating in the upper part of the body which will create tension and pain in these areas. That is why, a simple massage will release the tension. Massage recreates the movement.

A major idea in Chinese medicine is that “if all the essential elements are flowing and circulating properly, the body is well nourished, strong, and the disease cannot appear”. To create proper flow and better circulation, we need to create more movement in our lives. But we need to move properly too.

Therefore, understanding your body by growing basic knowledge about anatomy, physiology, healthy sport research, etc., will help you to know how to move properly and how to fight against the stagnation that our daily life brings into us.

Some simple step to begin with would be to start stretching 15 to 20 mins before going to bed. Slowly start to do exercises and adapt them to your needs. Qi Gong (氣功), Tai Ji Quan (太極拳), Yoga but also fitness and dancing are good activities to maintain a dynamic lifestyle. As long as there is movement, there will be improvement too.

Also keep in mind to adapt a proper training, depending on the moment of the year, day, age, body condition, energy level, etc. It needs to be balanced, too little or too much will never have a positive impact on your body or mind state.

Learning how to deal with the internal blockage (emotions, stress, etc.) to not let them accumulate but to push them to move out of ourselves is also part of this Pillar. Being aware of the sensation that our body gives to us as well.

Learning how to move, concerns all aspects: physical, mental, spiritual, etc.

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