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As Anthelme Brillat-Savarin said: “You are what you eat”. Food is the elementary material needed to build and regenerate the body structures. If you eat low quality food, you build low quality elements. If you have poor eating habits, your body suffers from poor regeneration. If you want to be healthy, eating healthy is therefore mandatory. To put it in another way, keep in mind that it is impossible to expect to be healthy and strong if the food you are eating has poor nutritious value or are unhealthy.

Step by step basic habits to adopt:

  • Avoid cold, raw, or ice food as much as possible

  • Avoid eating snacks between the meals

  • Bring a maximum of variety

  • Take the time to chew properly

  • Eat every day at a regular time and in a calm environment

  • Heavily reduce oily food, fries, fried meal, …

  • Heavily reduce the intake of sugar and salt

  • Heavily reduce prepared foods, delicatessen, processed meals. Fresher is better

  • Heavily reduce dairy food (animal) and change to vegetal dairy (nuts, rice, soya, …)

  • Drink warm water. Avoid cold drinks or soda, excessive coffee or tea

  • Eat light in the evening, and take the time to eat a proper breakfast in the morning

  • Avoid eating after 8pm and at least 3 hours before going to bed

  • Avoid eating until full satiety

  • Reduce alcohol consumption

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